Our Methodology

Like Morpheus and his battle for reality, we believe that every story need to be put out there, to be tested in reality, to be re-iterate and scale it up accros the digital realm.

Our Approach

We believe that once a content is produced, that’s where the real work starts. Our methodology helps us to put our content inside a continous development cycle.


We track every content to understand their performance. Does a visual get more likes on social media, does a copy get replies, does the video generate enough views? These numbers helps us measure our strategy and content effectivenes.


This is the part where we let the numbers talk and give us a chance to tinker, to re-strategize our plan, compose and iterate content based on its performance on various channel and form.


Performance analysis, checked. Iteration, checked. Comes the time to scale things up and blast those fresh content accross multiple platform and see them grow into fruition.

Our Partners

From content strategy, down to creative visual creation and more, click below to enjoy some of our past and present work.

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