3 Things You Should Know about Being Technical Writer in the Banking Industry

By Rizki Wardhana,

29 April 2020

Writing an article on banking may not be the easiest of tasks. First of all, you need to have at least a basic understanding of this area of knowledge. So, if banking is not your major, and you were assigned the task of writing an article about banking for your content marketing strategy, get ready to dig deeper. You may be confused at first and chaotically do everything. So this article may help you or, at least, enlighten you to compose a stunning piece and get a high grade for it.

Decide a topic

There are two kinds of writers: those who are completely okay when their editor assigns them a topic, and those who would rather select it themselves. If you already have a topic, you can move to the next step. But if you need to choose what to write about, you can select the one you will enjoy writing about, and most importantly, the one your editor will like.

In the banking industry, there are many topics that you can choose, such as optimizing the mobile experience, security, and authentication; regulatory compliance; or customer retention. The banking industry is undergoing a radical shift, one driven by new competition from financial technology (fintech), changing business models, mounting regulation, compliance pressures, and disruptive technologies.

But when it comes to the actual process of selecting a topic from numerous other options, you may feel a bit overwhelmed—[LOL, insert evil laugh meme here].

Use trustworthy sources

To write a good banking article, use trustworthy sources. These can be articles that contain research from experts and analysts. If your writing topic covers the questions of contemporary banking, ensure the material you use is no less than 2-4 years old.

Why? Because the situations in the banking sector are changing dynamically. Select relevant information that is regularly updated. You can refer to the bank’s website or the financial services authority (OJK in Indonesia), include statistics and actual numbers in the article to make it relevant and unbiased. You can even ask your editor to recommend books and articles where you can find accurate data.

"I believe that a technical writer, whatever the field is, can transition from one industry to another by mastering current authoring tools, acquiring experiences through volunteering, taking some form of relevant education, and reading lots of industry publications."


Refine and proofreading your writing

When you have a draft version of your writing piece, put a bit more effort to make it look better. Read the whole text a couple of times, correct grammatical errors, and check its punctuations.

Ensure your banking article is structured logically. Use relevant information that discloses the main point of your writing. Check all the references you cite and present your quotes correctly. Make a firm conclusion to show you have researched the subject thoroughly. The last step, proofread the document to exclude any minor stylistic or grammatical mistakes.

Financial or banking writers may acquire a fundamental business sense through formal education, practical experience, or informal study. Knowledge of the banking industry is a common foundation; writers then develop their expertise on the subject that may take any of several forms. Writers stay relevant in their fields by regularly reading industry publications or newspapers, gathering new information on the economy from government offices, public relations agencies, and professional societies associated with their writing specialty.

In conclusion, I believe that a technical writer, whatever the field is, can transition from one industry to another by mastering current authoring tools, acquiring experiences through volunteering, taking some form of relevant education, and reading lots of industry publications. And the banking industry should be no exception to this rule.

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